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 Tough-PAC für iPad 4
Tough-PAC for iPad 4
Baaske Tough-PAC iPad 4 Antimicrobial Hard shell protection for iPad 4 • Protection for all ports and buttons • Protection against ingress of dust & fluids • Shock & Screen protection • Carry Handle & ergonomic grips • Cleanable with...
 Trenntransformator MED R 3rd 1000VA 115V/115V
Isolation Transformer MED R 3rd 1000VA 115/115V
*** Isolation transformer MED R 3rd 1000VA, 3rd edition IEC 60601-1:2005, Supply voltage: 115V, Output voltage: 115V, Number of outputs: 9, TÜV-marked, Incl. inrush current delimiter and Mounting rail
Man&Machine ReallyCool Schutzbezug
Man&Machine ReallyCool Drape
Man&Machine ReallyCool Drape Transparent cover for ReallyCool Keyboards; soft and flexible; cleans with soap and water; sterilizable; Material: Latex- free Silicone
Docpad 8 2GB
Docpad 8 2GB
*** Docpad 8 2GB Demo 8.3 "HiBright Medical Tablet PC Resolution: 1.920x1.200 CPU: Intel Baytrail Z3745 (4x1,33GHz) HDD: 64GB SSD RAM: 2GB DDR3 Protection Class: IP65 Configuration: W-LAN a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 1x USB 2.0, Audio,...
e-medic Silence ST-M
e-medic Silence ST-M
*** e-medic Silence ST-M-PC1 HUS Demo Case: Aluminum Mini ITX + 3 channel HeatPipe Board: Intel H77 CPU: Intel ® Core i7-3770T 2.5Ghz / 8MB Cache Quad Core with Hyper-Threading (HT) power supply: 100W medical desktop power supply...
Trenntransformator IMEDe 150 VA 230V
Isolation transformer IMEDe 150 VA 230V
Isolation transformer IMEDe 150 VA 230V