e-medic™ Powerstrip MED4-Q400AN EU 3m

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Premium aluminium multiple socket with overload protection Rock solid, square,... more
Product information "e-medic™ Powerstrip MED4-Q400AN EU 3m"


Premium aluminium multiple socket
with overload protection

Rock solid, square, excellent: The MED4-Q400AN EU multiple socket is a real space-saving marvel and impresses with quality and safety in a wide range of medical usage. For example, for use directly at patient‘s bedsides, in operating theatres or on mobile cart solutions for endoscopy or mobile rounds. 8 fuses protect valuable equipment from disruptions in the electrical circuit. In addition, the MED4-Q400AN EU has an extra overload fuse. This ensures, that the main switch does not trip, even if the total load of 3500W is exceeded. The MED4-Q400AN EU multiple socket provides one PE connector per consumer and can be used as a PE distribution.


Medical Multiple socket e-medic

8x 2G melt inserts
and 1x fuse against overload

The medical multiple socket e-medic™ MED4-Q400AN EU has 2 double fuses per socket insert (2G melting inserts). Connected loads are doubly fused, no matter in which direction the Schuko plugs of the devices are plugged into the multiple socket. If a fault occurs, only the device making the fault has to be disconnected, the other connected loads can continue to be operated safely. The eight fuses are replaceable during operation. Another plus: The additional fuse against overload. This ensures that the main switch does not trip even if the total load of 3500W is exceeded.



Square 4x multiple socket strip
for medical use

The European standard EN60601-1 for the electrical safety of medical electrical equipment requires: Existing electrical systems of multiple sockets used within the patient environment cannot be modified without a retesting according to EN 60601-1-2. Due to this fact, medical multiple socket strips must be protected against accidental removal or addition of plugs. The guard bracket of the multiply socket can only be opened with tools and by a specialist. The multiple socket strip e-medic™ MED4 - Q400 AN meets these requirements and also offers many features that are important for use in the medical sector. For example, the MED4-Q400AN EU multiple socket provides one PE per socket and has an additional potential equalization (PE) on the housing. This allows the usage of the Q400 AN simultaneously as a ZPA distribution unit.




Square 4-times multiple socket
Schuko socket outlets
incl. guard brecket
2 x double fuse per socket insert
additional potential equalization (PE) on the housing
11mm thick power cable with 2.5 mm2 single lines
fuse against overload
multiple socket and PE-splitter in one device



The e-medic™ MED4-Q400 AN multiple socket meets the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of EN 60601-1-2. In addition, this product has been tested by TÜV for compliance with IEC 60601-1:2005 + A1:2012, IEC 60601-1:2005 + A1:2012/AMD1:2012 and ISO 80601-2-13:2011/AMD1:2005.

Full declarations of conformity are available on request.
Hotline +49 (0)5741 236027 0


Technical Data multiple socket Q400:
Number of output plugs 4
PE plug according to DIN 42801
Load per socket insert max. 850 W
Total load max. 3600 W
Current max. 15 A
cable length 3 m




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