FAQ network isolator MI1005

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Network isolators are used for the galvanic isolation of a copper-guided Ethernet data line. Electromagnetic induction is used to transmit high-frequency alternating voltages in the frequency band used for data transmission with as little loss as possible. The passive, electronic components do not require their own power source due to this process and behave completely transparently in the data network.
A network isolator in the medical field serves to protect the patient from leakage currents. The network connection between an active medical device and an Ethernet network or a non-medical device, such as an office PC or laptop, is safely galvanically isolated in accordance with the IEC EN 60601-1 standard (3rd edition) for medical electrical devices and systems.
Why a single network insulator cannot be a medical device and what an operator should know.
Installation errors, ageing processes, environmental influences or moisture can make cable sheaths brittle or fragile. The unwanted electrical connection to other live parts can lead to high overvoltages and voltage peaks for a short time and lead to a fault within the electrical system.
What does a network insulator do and why does it have to be used?
Network insulators must be used wherever electrically conductive connections via network cables are not permitted. This can be in commercial as well as in public and private areas. The usual areas of application are:
Here you can find out for which user groups the MED MI1005 network isolators have been developed:
Worth knowing for manufacturers of medical devices with network interface.
If a medical device is connected to a non-ME device, e.g. a printer, the created data line must be galvanically isolated in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60601-1 or EN 60601-1 and a network isolator must be used.
CE marking of network isolators. Devices for galvanic isolation of Ethernet data signals, so-called network isolators, are used as part of a medical electrical system consisting of active medical products (e.g. ultrasound or endoscope) and not medical products (e.g. computers, switches).